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[C] Taking Notice of the NoDrives

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NoDrives is a windows policy restriction commonly used on networks as apart of restrictions to limit users access to the C:\. Basically by adding

HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoDrives and NoViewOnDrives as apart of a GPO it hides the drive specified in the key, from view in explorer and common dialog boxes. Most apps common dialog box's respect these policies but on odd occasions some don't and yours appears to be one.

You can replicate this issue by

Log in to a user

Add the following dwords



Then to hide a drive letter use the following key fingd the number needed to be set in these reg keys to hide the required drive. If you want to block multiples to add the numbers together

A= 1 B=2 C=4 D=8 E=16 F=32 G=64 and so on

Reboot and open explorer the drives will not appear.

Open notepad or IE and they will show these the drive letters you hide.

More info can be found at




When done locally it the drives can be access by typing in their drive letter but when done through a GPO as we do 99% of apps return a access denied message.

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The next version of CDBurnerXP will hide drives specified by that GP.

Any estimate on when the next version will be out?

I will be distributing this software to a bunch of schools, the NoDrives support would be really handy so they can't browse the computer's C drive or view other user's profiles.

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Thanks for the quick response, but here is what i mean with the nodrives, you can still access the c drive by browsing for files to burn, here is an image of what i am talking about.


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The problem is the start-up path. CDBurnerXP will by default access the my documents folder, and if it's on C, the drive will be visible or rather has to be visible.

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I have changed the start-up directory in the shortcut if thats what you mean, but it still seems to default to the user's desktop folder. I have looked around in the settings and on the forum to see if there is an option in CDBurnerXP to change the start-up directory but cant seem to find anything.

Is there something I'm missing or is it impossible to change the default path?

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