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Blu-Ray BD-RE DL not recognized?

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Hi all -

I have a Buffalo BR-H816SU2 external USB/eSATA 8x Blu-Ray writer picked up in Japan. Of course, it's really an HL-DT-ST (Lite-on?) SATA model BD-RE BH08NS20 inside a Buffalo case.

Here's the issue- it works fine with CDs and DVDs, but CDBXP does not recognize dual-layer BD-RE discs. I am trying to burn 35Gb of data onto TDK discs also picked up in Akiba (600円 each!), but the program keeps insisting the DL disc provided does not have capacity even tho these discs are 50Gb each. Sorry, I do not have any single-layer -RE discs to test.

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Guest chienpourri

I seem to have the same issue with the burner LG WH10LS30K, I also need to backup all my digital pictures from the last 8 years and I have close to 40Gb... so a BD-RE DL 50 Gb is needed. I inserted it, when I go in Disc Info is indeed tells me 46,61 Gb free, but it won't burn saying there is not enough space. Bug?

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Guest chienpourri

Update: I re-tested again this time with BD-RE SL 25 Gb and it still does the same thing... reports 23.xx GB free when I do disc info. I added about 18 Gb of data to my project, but when I click burn it will ask for another disk... It seems like a bug in the program. Is there an option to trigger somewhere to enable blu-ray burning? Or a different way to start a project?

Thanks in advance!

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Guest tab-one

I've got the same problem: the disks are not recognized

drive: ASUS SBW-06C1-U

disks: Verbatim 25 and 50GB 2x

Win7 x64 SP1

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