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Sudden crash/quit of cdburnerxp when preparing data for dvdr

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HI, (my first post here...)

I experienced a sudden crash/quit/abort/dissapearance of CDBurner XP v while I was preparing data for a DVD-r data disk burn.

Running Windows XP Pro SP3, 2.5 GB RAM, Sony Vaio RS530G minitower, up-to-date with MS patches (as per MS and Belarc)

CDBurner XP Pro v4.2.4.1351


I ran CDBurnerXP and dragged a bunch of AVI files in, preparing to burn the first of two DVD-R discs. Gave disk a name (15 characters about). Also dragged in two small (less than 4MB ea) folders in to the disk burn image area. Total est space in use would have been about 3.8GB. Had not finished setting it up... noticed that one of the folders has a wrong name, I change the name on the item list inside CDBurnerXP lower pane. Then I think, maybe I should change it on the source HD folder, since I will be using that again for a second DVD-R disk. I change the folder name on the source folder (on the HD), and planned to go back to CDBurnerXP and drag out/delete the older (renamed) folder from burn prep list, and then re-drag in the newly renamed folder from HD source.

But when I click on the CDBurnerXP prep area list of that one folder, CDBurnerXP Crashed/Aborted -- by that I mean, it totally disappeared from the screen, no more CDBurnerXP in the Taskbar either. I brought up Task Manager, no CDBurnerXP in the list of active tasks (about 38 total tasks active, fyi).

I checked system event viewer, no crash log or notice. just a few non-interesting 'imapi cd-burning com service entered running state, ... entered stopped state' at around the same general time, though they were only informational, not warning, not error.

I guess I should have dragged the folder out of CDBurnerXP before I renamed it on the HD. But I wasn't sure that such would be an absolute necessity.

Note that I have successfully used CDBurnerXP to burn a number of CDR and DVDR previously, both this 4.2.4 version and earlier versions.

Anything else that would be helpful?

I restarted my PC, ran my usual cleanup routines (ccleaner, jkdefrag, MS checkdisk), and am giving it another go, this time with folder names set RIGHT before I drag in ;)


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I'm sorry, but so far I couldn't reproduce the crash with the method you described.

Thank you for trying.

FYI, over last few weeks, months, I have updated CDBurnerXP several times as updates have become available, and also done general MS Windows updates and various other PC cleaning things, and have not had any of those mysterious crashes in a while.

So things seem to be good on that count now.

Currently at v4.2.6.1706. :)

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