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I Love cdburnerxp under... windows7!

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So, I have been using cdburnerxp for... well... a long time now... I don't remember when I first installed this software, it might have been a year or so ago... I like it's simple and streamlined interface, the intuitiveness and overall control you have when using the app.

Recently I jumped into the Windows7 RC bandwagon (from my old and trusty Windows XP SP3 install)... and I must admit I am delighted with the new OS. Sure, one of the first things I did was to install CdBurnerXP! Recently I had to burn an Iso image to a DVD... I started CDBurnerXP, chose the ISO, and started the burn process... and one of the things that called my attention was this:


The progress bar is displayed directly on the status bar!

I don't know if this is a feature for using window's generic progress bar dialogs (although I think there is no "genericness" in the burn dialog) or that you simply added the right API calls on the burn dialog, but let me tell you... you rock. It is this attention to details that raise the app a notch above the competition (and being free makes this much more impressive).

So thank you guys for the great app, I am really glad I found this and installed it!

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I'm happy that you like it :)

(and I'm also happy that a user has actually suggested to implement this! I'm always open to such nifty enhancements. It's a new feature to Windows 7, and just requires a couple of API calls.)

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