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the updated folder is empty in the CD-R

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bug: in the multi-session CD-R the updated folder is empty.

I introduce a multi-session CD-R and I click then the previous compilation is displayed.

I update manually the compilation, so: I insert a new file in a subfolder E:\fold1\fold2\.

Then I click and select the options: Session at once, Cache, no finalization, Verify after burning.

After burning the CD-R is verified "successfully" (!).

Finally I close CDBurnerXP, I re-introduce the CD-R and I check manually the contents.

The folder E:\fold1\ is empty: it contains no data, no subfolders.

Why ?


CDBurnerXP v4.2.4.1300 + CDB_runtime libraries, Windows XP SP3

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I have a very similar problem here.

The version I use is but because this problem exists a very long time (I mean it wasn't corrected in many, many CDBurnerXP releases), I guess that it's still 'a feature' in the actual release.

An example:

I have folder named 07-2009 (for July 2009)

In this folder are subfolders like 01072009, 02072009, 03072009 (for each day in the month)

Because this is a bigger amount of data I burn it weekly (on sunday) on a multi-session DVD+R.

So for example I have a folder 07-2009 and five sub-folders 01072009, 02072009, 03072009, 04072009 and 05072009 with some content.

One week later I burn the data from the next 7 days on this multi-session DVD+R. The result: only the main folder 07-2009 seems to be there. All sub-folders are vanished! Not visible any more!

I use Windows Vista SP2 and the problem seems to be burner independent because I have now a new one and the same error occurs. (The old one was a Sony Optiarc DVD RW AD-7170S.) Different medias I've used also.

The strange thing is that all data seems to be there then I look with CDBurnerXP on the DVD+R. Nothing's missing! But in the Windows-Explorer only the main folder is visible.

Meanwhile I have found a work-around! Yepp! If I burn a third session without changig anything then everything seems to be fine even in the Windows-Explorer. (But on the next session the error could reappear, though.)

This strange behaviour does not occur all the time. Some times everything seems to be O.K.

occurrence of strange behaviour 33% - 50%

occurrence of normal behaviour 50% - 67%

Maybe this could be fixed in future releases. It's annoying!

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Guest Dieter

I have found the same bug in version 4.2.5,1490. Only the new files in last session are visibly. All files are available after import the last session in CDBurnerXP!

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