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Verify errors

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I have had CDBURNERXP for some time and have kept it up to date but have only used it once in awhile up until recently. I have noticed recently that I seem to be having some problems that I have put off trying to figure out.

Specifically I burn a CD-RW, CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W (any of the above), CDBURNERXP burns the data to the disk then just prior to the verify or close disc procedure terminates with one of two errors;

Could not read destination file from disk


An error occured. The disk may be defective etc.

I can take that same disk (if it is a R/W) to my other computer erase it and burn the same files using the same version of CDBURNERXP ( to it with no problem at all. I have tried numerous media, Sony, HP, Maxell, Verbatim etc. along with multiple formats so I have ruled out media as the problem. I can take those same media that give me errors, move them to my other computer, erase them and burn them with no difficulty.

Since it was happening all the itme I thought the problem was the drive so I bought a new one, it has the same exact problem occuring. I have tried a couple of other CD burning programs (ImgBurn for example) and they seem to have no problem at all. I want to use CDBURNERXP because I lke the ease of use, capability and layout of it.

The computer that has the problem is a Lite On 24X HAS324-08 A SATA DVD Burner, 2 1 Tb hard disks SATA, Windows XP SP3, E8400 CPU 3 Ghz, 4Mb memory. The drive on that computer that was replaced was a LG GH22NS40, apparently it is ok since the replacement drive showed the same problem.

My other computer is an old 486, Windows XP SP3, 2mb Memory, IDE Disk drives and LG IDE DVD Writer, it works perfectly with CDBURNERXP every time (same version as the computer I am having trouble with).

I have a number of other programs that burn to DVD (Photoshop Elements 7.0 for example) and they have no difficulty whatsoever burning photo backups to the drive I am having trouble with CDBURNERXP on.

I have no problems (hardware, software, operating system etc.) whatsoever on the computer where I am having trouble, just with burning the discs.

Anyone have any ideas where I am going wrong.



Mesa, Arizona

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Guest cheerio32

I get the message that files did not pass verification: something like : Could not read destination

It makes no difference, as all are OK.

Using Windows XP SP3.

Have now updated to ver for future use.

Good luck!

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