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  1. Please add a setting so the number base of the file sizes is always the same. The current display adapts to KB, MB and GB. I'd really like to see everything in all lists as KB.
  2. I'm using the build and notice the number base of the files to be burned to a disc varies. The list seems to adjust the base to KB, MB and GB. Where is the setting to turn this off? I'd much rather have all the display by KB for consistency and ease of viewing.
  3. Drag some files into CDBurnerXP's queue for a disc. Move/delete those files from the source location. Push the burn button. CDBurnerXP will start the burn, pause when it cannot find the file(s) and reports the error. When the user chooses to abort, CDBurnerXP writes lead-out when the user aborts. This is a design oversight. CDBurnerXP should at least verify the existence of files BEFORE starting the burn session. The current flow needlessly uses disc space (disc-at-once wastes the disc) and takes more time than it should. -- Similarly, there should be moron-proofing that reports a format mismatch if a file over 2G in size is in the queue and the disc format is not set to UDF. Such a configuration will also create a coaster.
  4. Oh, you're right. Thanks for pointing that out. I tend to not see that part of the display because the color scheme has too low a contrast for text. Black on a dark green or blue background is not easily visible, kind of like yellow and white. love this app, though.
  5. @hephaestusp , I said the problem IS the stickiness of the setting as there is no visible indicator other then in the menu. I hadn't thought about the vertical layout. It's awkward for long paths so I don't use it.
  6. There is empty space in the horizontal middle divider which has buttons for burn, erase, clear, etc. Well, there's space if the window is an appreciable size... Would you please add a drop down menu for the file system type to the right of the burner selection menu? Maybe it's just me but I find I'll forget it's set for UDF which is normally fine but some simple audio CD players won't accept it. My car's player is like that. It will accept MP3s in ISO9660/UDF/Joliet but won't recognize UDF-only discs. Some DVD players have similar challenges.
  7. It looks like UDF will not support long filenames. What the hack?!?!
  8. I made an ISO file with UltraISO. The file is UDF with one file inside it, a 4.3G ISO. (CDBurnerXP won't allow adding files over 4.2G, a design flaw.) When trying to burn from the resultant ISO file, CDBurnerXP complains stating it is not a standard ISO file. Alcohol 120% has no problem with the file and reports it is, indeed, a standard ISO file.
  9. CDBurnerXP limits the file size for a UDF DVDR to 4.2G. That is smaller than the actual space on a DVDR by about 150M. How can this limit be overridden?
  10. Nope, the version hasn't been upgraded. It's still 116 beta dated October 29. I just downloaded it again to be sure. I'm seeing these crashes on 3 different comp-uters so it can't be a single corrupted installation. font size on the site could use a bump up. the dl sites and similarly tagged lines are miniscule in IE.
  11. Grrr.... That there's my post which shoulda had my moniker on it and been in the bugs area.
  12. Daemon Tools does that. It's freeware. Support for FLAC and Monkey's Audio as audio formats including when they are combined with CUE files would be nice.
  13. 1) drag & drop for the file list. (Yes, I know, it's coming. Am just copying all my notes into one post.) 2) Ability to close an existing open session on a disc. 3) side-by-side windows (same note as #1) 4) Full restoration after an Explorer crash. When Explorer crashes and restarts, the taskbar button for CDBurnerXP Pro isn't restored until the ap is brought to the top. 5) When creating an ISO, the "Create ISO" button can still be pushed. Ooops. 6) File Verification report Window is far too small and cannot be surprised. 7) CDBurnerXP Pro aborts when no supported drives are present. It shouldn't do that. It should still run and allow creation of ISOs. It would be nice if the disc info window would show the top supported burn speed. 9) Burn disc from nrg and bin/cue would be nice. Having said all of that, this is a really nice ap. I've stopped using Nero in favor of CDBurnerXP Pro.
  14. It would be very helpful for large groups of files to have a side-by-side window arrangement, not over-and-under. There doesn't appear to be a way to rearrange the panes. Is it possible? Frankly, this is the only thing which keeps me using and recommending Nero.
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