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Copy an Audio CD... waited about 43min. (for 32x speed), can't cancel operation

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I have tried to copy an Audio CD (size about 450MB):

I choosed "Copy or Grab Disc", choosed 32x speed, inserted the original Audio CD, waited a bit (about 2-3 mins), took the Audio CD (original one) from the caddy, inserted the blank CD-R, and waited for about 40 mins - without result, it still shows progress 50%, and probably didn't do anything (except waiting for an event, don't know what event).

Then I decided to cancel the operation, but it says "Cancelling" but it didn't.

Looked like it looped something eternally, so I power down the whole computer (I can't even shut down it smoothly, CD was still in access).

I restarted the PC, looked at the CD-R, and it was blank (nothing was written).


Then I took Ashampoo Burning Studio 11 with the same CD-R as above, and started a copy .... and it worked.

So I guess it was nothing wrong with the CD-R, just with CDBurnerXP.


I looked into Event Viewer (Windows 7, all patches), but the only thing I could recognize was a warning : cdbxpp.exe was still accessing some registry keys (key \REGISTRY\USER\S-1-5-21-219307205-2457670913-1926556332-1001), may be not helpful too.


The bottom line: Because all other things working (and other CD burning apps also), I deinstalled CDBurnerXP.

It was a try, also because it reduces functionality exactly to the needed functions only, no real overhead (=positive), but after I've waited for almost 1 hour for nothing, I am very disappointed about it.





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Had the very same behaviour today (endless writing). Latest 4.5.4 64Bit on Windows 8.1. Also remaining time was always displayed as "<1 min".

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