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Guest Fixu

I need a cover designer for CdBurnerXp. The cover print is too simple, I want to try the fonts, insert images, try a color, I don't like to see the date.........

Please, make you a Plug-in.

Thank You

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Guest Jeroi

I second this suggestion. It would be fantastic finally to CDburnerXP support more cd label printing. The reason why I still use NERO is cover printing and design abilites that nero has. It would be best feature to add to CDburnerXP because it really misses Cover Label Designer

Option: CD, CDslim,DVD,Bluray

Then 3 fields: Front label/Back, Back label/Back, CD/DVD label.

Then add image as layers

Add text as layers

Print whole design.

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Guest tehis


as hobbyist dj, I buy mp3s from Beatport (mp3 download site for djs) and burn them on audio cds. Until now, I've done this with Nero (+Nero Cover designer), but Nero is really pain in the ass. I wished I could you some other software and was happy to find out that CDBurnerXP has some sort of automated cover printing when burning an audio disc from mp3s.

For me, the following features would be most desired:

- ability to save the print cover settings, like title, with the compilation (now they are lost after printing)

- ability to add some line spacing between rows (to be able to write) there

- ability to use any mp3 id3/metadata field like {metadata:performer} or {metadata:comment} /using the id3 tags {metadata:TOPE} and {metadata:COMM} described in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3

These are not as important, but would be nice additions:

- ability to adjust font settings (for example: print artist as bold, track as normal)

- complete control for rows and aligns like this: {tracknumber:nozero}. {artist:bold}: {track} {duration:alignright}

- ability to add some kind of footer

I don't have any use for graphics on covers.

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Guest slurm

The cover print functionality is very cool. It's really simple and very usable. But as said there are less possiblities to customize.

Some ideas:

- enabling/disabling Title, Date, Number

- possibility to choose several ID3-Tags from the mp3-file (not from the filename). This means more options in the displayformats.

- show the length of a file instead of it's size!!! (the size is not useful)

I can't see the sense of giving the option to choose the extension of a file only... (there are no title or artist information)

Most of the mp3-files have the filenameformat "01 - artist - title.mp3". In the generated list it looks like: "1 01 - artist - title 5.25 MB" The "1" comes from the program and the "01" comes from the filename.

thx for this really cool program!!! nobody nees nero with this tool!

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Guest Manuel2

A bit more options in the cover designer would be cool.

Flo, what do you think about slurms ideas? Do you plan to integrate id3-tag information form a mp3 file to the cover designer? that would be great.

PS: Is there a roadmap of cdburnerxp?


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These ideas are actually implemented in the audio buring part of CDBurnerXP, where it makes the most sense. Will think about adding them to the data area some time.

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Guest Sturm

Hi! Congrats for this great soft! But, talking about a "cover designer", why dont u just show the cover options into main menu? Many times all people need is to print a cover and, so, there's no reason to keep the "cover designer" options inside the "Audio disc" submenus. Just think in something that looks like Nero Cover Designer, the most praised sotftware under this category.

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I would have to agree that it would be such a pain going through navigation to the menu if you can have a separate tool bar that would just flash when you are dealing with cover design. That way, the user is presented with the most needed functions that he will most likely use. Or it could be as simple as including it on the right click menu, sorry for the lack of a better term.

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