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Some files (not all) will not open after burnin' a 'Data DVD

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Hi Everyone,

First, I want to thank you for this program! Second, I will say I have checked the 'FAQ' and some of the 'Forum' for my problem and have not found anything. If I over looked it I apologize.

I'm currently using version with XPSp3. When I burn a 'data disc' onto DVD (Sony DVD+R discs), filling it up with various audio formats, some .jpgs, some .txts and .doc files, and selecting 'finialize disc' the disc burns fine. I use a real low speed hoping I don't encounter many problems. (As I have enough coasters due to other software) When I go to 'view' the DVD, to check it before deleting the files off my HD, I seem to always encounter *One folder* that will *not* open and it freezes up my computer until I eject the DVD. It's not always the *same* folder, as I have burned several DVDs making sure to include the *One folder* that wouldn't open on the previous DVD, and it opens fine. However,the one following that one will not open on the next DVD that I burn.

(Here's hoping someone knows and easy fix or solution.)

Thank you all and have a great day! :D


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