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CDBurnerXP update:

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Hi everyone,

in this release, there are only a couple of changes. Two of them are notable though:

- CDBurnerXP now supports overburning. That means, that you can now burn 90min and similar CDs.

- An automated online update is now included. Basically, you don't have to take care of updating the application, it will be done automatically.

The auto-update works similar to, for example, the Mozilla Firefox auto update. When the application is started, it will check for updates and download them in background if available. Then, when you start CDBurnerXP the next time, it will automatically apply the update. You don't have to take any action yourself. You may, however, turn this feature off in the settings if you prefer to keep your application updated manually.

Note that on Vista and Windows 7 with UAC enabled, you will see the same prompt before applying the update as you see when installing CDBurnerXP using installer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent that prompt.

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Guest GMax

Is Auto update turned off by default in MSI version?

If not, it is a realy BAD thing.

msi designed for group policy installations and there MUST be centralised version control

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Guest sTi


thanks for this update, I really like the software - very user friendly. However, the known bug (see viewtopic.php?f=3&t=6437) that discs are always burned at full speed no matter what speed is chosen still remains. For me this is really disappointing and makes the software a lot less useful. It happens with both my burners (Plextor 716A and Optiarc 7240S). While burning CDBurnerXP shows the burn speed I've chosen in the previous options dialogue but ALWAYS burns at full speed instead no matter what speed I chose. With other software this doesn't happen, so the bug must be somewhere in CDBurnerXP.

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Guest S


This is a very nice and easy to use programme.

However, I have some feedback:

1. The GUI takes relatively long time to load.

2. I think some options need to be set by default as: a. Show all writing speeds. b. Uncheck finalize if "Session at Once" is selected. c. Show icons and text in those buttons under the menu bar.

3. Please, update the portable version. And this is more important specially if you can't do some of these suggestions.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

P.S. to FLo: Please respond even with an "O.K." or "Seen" to know that you got my feedback.

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I dont like the new update system.

If i turn it off, why i have to go to the hp and manually download the new version when before was all automatic?

And if i use it, in which directory the update being saved (desktop in the old version)?

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Guest olmantiel


could the overburn have effect on the "finalizing" function?

With my Samsung CD/DVD writer SH-S223H all of a sudden I can not finalize CD's anymore.

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