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using cdbxpcmd in WinXP date wrong

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Hi there

I tried cdbxpcmd to copy a folder to DVD

worked fine - except - the date/time of several files on the DVD seems to be now exactly one day newer than the creation day/time of the source file(s)/folders(s).

Im in NewZealand & use reg setting GMT + 12

Have searched hi & low but can not file a solution to this.

What I am expecting is for date & time of the source folder & its files to be identical to those on the target DVD

cdbxpp manipulates the date/time in the same manner -

Help appreciated


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i have similar (opposite?) problem. using winXP SP3. Example: today (5/19/2010) i created backups (of files i modified today) on CD. The files 'last modified' dates on my system are correct - i.e.5/19/2010. used cdburnerxp to back up files, and they all have file date of 5/18/2010 on the CD. It's always exactly one day earlier (not newer) than the correct date. The 'time last modified' is always correct. Seems like cdburnerxp is not carrying over the file attributes properly?

Anybody have a fix for this? The backup process successfully completes the verification. :?

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