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New public beta version: 4.2.6

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Guest rwood

Can the new beta 4.2.6 be used with XP? I noticed the reference to Windows 7. I just downloaded the previous version for the first time and it is great.

Also, in the version I presently have, I cannot change the name of a CD track if it says "untitled" after dragging it to the compilation field. It this possible?

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Guest jcmander@yahoo.com

how do you get this program to include all of the cd-text? everytime i try part is missing---sometimes in the front, sometimes in the middle and sometimes at the end.

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Guest BetaTester

I know that my english is not fluent, but I hope you understand what I want to tell you?

Very, very good software!

I like it very much from the first use, but one things should be added in the next version...

If I burn audio CD's from mp3 files, sometimes I need do some corrections, so I think software should have a graphic equalizer for let users make good sounds and high quality CD's :)

I copy CD's just for my car CD player and sometimes I add a bit extra bass and treble sounds to get good music in my car ;)

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Guest Aura

Can I use this to burn home movies to a blank DVD disk? One is AVI while the other is an MPEG

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