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Guest Landero

I am always willing to make a Dutch translation...

Mail me lander_huybrechts[at]hotmail.com

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Guest nitestick

i know an extremely limited amount of malay, however my father knows more and his wife is malaysian by birth. i can see if either could potentially help.

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Guest murlan

Hello there,

I looked all over the web for a neat, quick and free burning software. After a lot of hassle I cam accross your CDBurnerXP, and it was a biiiig help.

I would love to help translate your software into Albanian, my language, in return. I can't say I have too much time, but if you give me an OK deadline, I would love to.

My email is murlanjasiqi@gmail.com, please do send me a text file (I presume) of the terms and phrases to be translated.

Murlan from Kosovo


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Guest Jamal

If u need a danish translation I can help you out. Drop me an e-mail at ja_um @ hotmail com

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