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Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but I've noticed that when I run CDburnerXP with Rocket Dock also running Rocket Dock seems to interfere with the pop up window that CDburnerXP brings up during the burning process. It's as though CDburnerXP's main interface minimizes, and tries to bring up the popup to monitor the burning process, but somehow this get screwed up, and I end with the CD burning and no way to see the progress. I've also noticed that when this happens, the disk will continue to spin and the 'writing light' will continue to flash until 'crtl+alt+del' and end the CDburnerXP process.

It's not CDburnerXP's problem exactly, though this is the only application that gives me problems when using rocket dock, so there must be a way to make it work properly.

Any ideas?

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You could try the latest beta. But I don't currently feel like installing RocketDock and debug some strange interface problems caused by RocketDock usage. I guess I'm way to busy.

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