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Guest LUTi

[closed]CE Fonts - accented letters in filenames corrupted!

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Guest LUTi


I've noticed that accented letters are burned wrong on DVD (in file / folder names) - it seems like viewing Windows 1250 (CE) encoded file with Windows 1252 (Western) encoding selected in browser - instead of accented C the accented E letter is displayed.

It happens already when composing (compiling) new DVD - file and folder names in source window (my HDD) are displayed properly, while file / folder names in destination window (future DVD) are corrupted (displayed in Western instead of CE fonts). I've thought that it is a problem of displaying only, but after burning a DVD it seems that files are also burned with corrupted filenames.

I've tested with 3.0.109 and latest 3.0.113 - and it is present in both.

My system: Windows XP Professional

I hope you'll correct the error soon, because now the SW is unusable (as it is at the moment) for me :-(

Otherwise it seems to be a great proggie! Thanks a lot!

Best regards,


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