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Versions newer than hang "not responding"

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Every version of CDBurnerXP after (3 of them, including the latest public beta) I've installed hangs on the "Action Selection" panel ( I get a "Program is Not Responding" message). ONLY the "Action Selection" panel is displayed, not the "Main" GUI panel (with "New", Options, Update, Help, About, etc.) shown along with the Action Panel by 5.1541 and earlier. When I select an action, the program then stops responding.

Once, when trying to get it to respond, I think there was a message about searching for SCSI (and other type) drives.

Process Explorer from MS's sysinternals group (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysi ... 96653.aspx), which is Task Manager on steroids, is unable to kill CDBurnerXP in this situation. I have to reboot to stop it.

The earlier 4.1541 version, when reinstalled, then works fine (as far as I can tell).

Dell Vostro 220, Vista Home Basic SP1.

Thanks in advance,


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Guest Jonedwa

Same here - not only that, but I cannot log off or reboot - the system hangs. I have to do a hard reset or power off. I've had to rebuild my RAID array twice due to this. I'm going back to until this is fixed.

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