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Error at completion of "burn" to CD

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I just recorded (burned) a 132 Mb file onto a CD-RW. I do not think it matters but the disc was previously erased, following file extraction via ISOBuster.

Anyway, I clicked on MultiSession as I will be adding files later.

The burn process seemed to have gone fine throughout. At the completion of this burn, a window opened, stating: Writing Error: (3)

Error closing session (two squares were here) A NT disc

I/O operation failed (1054) (another square was here followed

by three dots).

What is in parenthesis above is my wording, I just do not know how to show the exact window.

Anyway, following burn, I ran the disc, as I always do, and all files seem to have been included. Nothing I can outwardly see gives any indication of any problem that occured during burning operation.

Is the disc ok as it is right now? Will it be ok to continue with additional files on this disc, obviously continuing with MultiSession. I normally delete the files on the hard disk after I record them to a CD to release occupied memory, but this time I need to wait for an answer before I do. I cannot "loose" the files if something went wrong with burning but I do not know enough about the process to know if everything is ok...with or without the warning window.


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There is always more than one way to resolve an error...

I just put the file onto another disc, which ran fine and no errors, went back to the other disc and erased the whole thing. So, all is well...

BTW, any late word regarding the release of 3.5?

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