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Command Line Version - return Errorlevels

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I'd like to use the command line version but as far as I can see it returns always errorlevel 0 - regardless if the process has been successfull or not.

Would be great to get different errorlevels depending on the result.

Errorlevel 0 ... everything fine

Errorlevel >0 ... some kind of error occured, the specific errorlevel shows the kind of error

Hope to get this feature soon!

Thanks in advance!

PS: Keep up the good work! Your application is really a great one!

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Any news on this issue?

I'm also missing an option to detect the current type of media in the drive with the command line - it should be possible to determine whether the drive is empty, cd-rom, cd-rw-empty, cd-rw-with data, cdr empty, ... with different return levels so the result can be easily processed in batch files.

Do you think this is possible for the next version?

Thanks in advance!


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