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Eject disk after a successful recording for an ISO image

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Guest Meeee

And can you now put it so that when it is NOT checked, no ejecting occurs.

Did the following:

1) burn image, checked only "finalize disc" and "verify data..."

2) quick erase (CD-RW not empty)

3) burn finished

= verify error (when the bloody *beep* are you going to fix this once and for all?!?!) and after that, disc ejected!

I mean come on, can't you even test simple cases like this before publishing. Sorry! Being a tester/developer myself, it's hard to understand how this kind of bugs gets through.

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Erm, what is your problem? Don't you want the disc to be ejected if verifying fails? If you want me to fix a problem, please describe it as simple as possible (preferably with "expected" and "actual" result).

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Guest Greg19360

Hello !

Can you please add this option just before clicking start burning :

Numbers of copies

Thanks for your great soft !

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