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Audio CD - Tracks Burnt In Wrong Order

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Guest Jobe


Been a user of CDBurnerXP for quite a while and I too have fallen foul of this "feature" and created plenty of coasters in the process.

Drag and Drop

If you use drag and drop to add multiple audio tracks, keep in mind that the track you start dragging with will always be the first one in the track list. So if you want to maintain the correct order, always drag a selection of audio tracks at the first track of the selection.

Is there the possibility of turning this feature off? I dont know of any other program which uses this to enable drag and drop.

I mean the easiest way to burn an album from my PC is to find it via the inbuilt explorer, then select all files and then drap and drop to the burn window. So why on earth would i want the order changed??? It doesnt make sense. I can understand people wanting to re-arrange the order after dragging, but by default should this not keep the track order like all other programs?

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Guest gvinesc

Thank you. I have been frustrated with Roxio Creator DE 10.2 in making audio MP3 files of vocabulary for my students because I could never get the tracks in the right order. The suggestion above to enter them one by one by hitting the ADD buttons every time, in order, instead of doing the entire set of tracks at once dragged and dropped, works, and I appreciate that information, very much.

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Guest DJ Overdose

I've had this a few times.

Not always caused by dragging and dropping a group of files either... Not always due to audio hardware either.

Adding single tracks at a time does stop it happening, so far.

Also happens with .wavs as well as mp3s

Last example was I had all audio tracks in order in the compilation window but after burning tracks 2 and 8 were swapped over.


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If you have some kind of incorrect order, you most likely did something wrong, this has been the case of all reports of that problem so far.

So if you think you discovered a bug, please describe in sufficient detail how to reproduce it.

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Guest Walter

May 2012, this must be the most illusive bug in history. Though, it's rather straight forward. Install CDbrunerXP, select 17 MP3 tracks, drag-drop them (in one go) to CDBurner, they nicely add up in the correct order. THEN, burn the disc. CDBurner wil do some kind of preparation for each track. It's THERE where the order is destroyed. The tracks are then written in the wrong order.

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Guest Walter

Did it again, this time saved two screenshots, the compilation (.axp) and the StarBurn.log file. Please find it here: https://rapidshare.c...06/log_data.rar

Hope you can use it to find the culprit.


PS: When you drag-&drop the songs ONE by ONE from an explorer window to CDBurnerXP, the order is fine. If you select multiple files and drag & drop them all at once from an explorer window, then the order is wrong. You can check that immediately if you save the compilation en open the axp file. In this XML the order is already wrong.

Using WINDOWS 7 Ult.

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By looking at your screenshots, it seems like the display order in the track list (main window) is incorrect. Did you ever sort the track list by a column? Can you still reproduce the issue if you move a track to a custom position in the list and then clear the list and add all tracks again?

I'm quite sure you used track 09 to drag the selection of audio files to the compilation, then Capture2 is the expected outcome. It would be displayed appropriately in Capture01 though.

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Guest Walter

Moving the track to a custom position does not change the outcome. The moved track is not even in it's new position. Clearing the list and adding the song again, doesn't change anything either.

You are right though, the FIRST track is always the same as the one I used to drag the whole lot. I tried dragging them by dragging track 5, and there you go, track 5 is first.

It seems to me it then moves up the alphabet (in my case numbers). When it reaches the end, it starts at the beginning. Thus, 10 tracks, dragging with 7, would become: 7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6

No matter what I do (moving tracks around and stuff (not sorting!*see later)) it always orders the track in ascending order starting with the track a dragged the files with.

Sorting using the Track# column (by clicking on the column header) doesn't change the outcome.

HOWEVER, when I add the "file-name" column (default hidden), I see the file names are out of order. (see screen1).

When I sort on file-name (by clicking on the column header), the order is corrected. But, that is only usefull, when the track-numbers are embedded in the file-name. When file-names don't contain the track-number, tracks are sorter alphabetically, so I'm still at a loss.

Another thing I then found was that the TRACK # (from tag) column doesn't work. The # tag is not read, all track#s are zero. I can't use that column to get my tracks in order either. (see screen2 where tagscanner sees the track#s and CDBurner doens't)

There must be some misunderstanding between windows dragging and CDBurner taking the file-list. Maybe another method should be used to interpret the drag-drop input.

You'll find the screenshots here: https://rapidshare.c...3/log_data2.rar


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> Another thing I then found was that the TRACK # (from tag) column doesn't work

It should, please provide a track where it does not work. Otherwise I can't reproduce or fix the problem.

> HOWEVER, when I add the "file-name" column (default hidden), I see the file names are out of order. (see screen1).

So far, that is not a bug. The track you used for dragging will always be the first one (currently unavoidable). You can see that from the title column too, since there is no mismatch between the file name and track title. What I need is a situation where the order in the track list does not match the order in the window that appears right before burning the audio disc. If you can tell me a method to produce this behaviour, I can have a look at it.

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Bucc69 has a promising work around. I don't understand why it works, but it does. The problem I experienced is when I drag and drop the tracks show in the order I have them in on my computer, but when the disk burns, the tracks are reordered. Bucc69 suggested taking one or more tracks out of order and then putting them back before hitting the burn button. It works! 

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