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Burning converted AVI files

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Hey all,

I looked at this thread; viewtopic.php?t=748

and looked at dpzektor's post.

So now I have 28 avi files that are all converted to MPEG-2 format using TMPGEnc (all 28 are now mpg files).

I used DVDStyler to make my mpg files into 1 ISO file and tryed writing it using CDBurnerXP Pro 3's "Write ISO Image" function, but I get an error; "Error writing ISO file."

After that didn't work, I had a look around the forums and found Flo's Video-DVD tutorial (http://www.cdburnerxp.se/help/english/data-svcd.php) and tryed writing the files as a normal Data cd with VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS, with my mpg files. Again, this didnt work in my dvdplayer.

Any ideas as to how I could write the files to a dvd-r? This is very frustrating and I have wasted a number of cds (15 or so) trying to figure out how to do it.

Thanks in advance,


Edit: If you're wondering, yes the files DO fit on a standard 4.7gb dvd-r.

Thanks again.

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At first, don't let others confuse you, they have to fit on a 4,3 GB DVD, there are no 4.7 ones. Then, if this tip doesn't help you, I advise you to wait a bit since I think that we have to work on that burning ISO feature anyway again.

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Lovely..... I have 15 coasters, and NOW you tell me its faulty.

Anyway, Nero here I come!


1. Your first post says you made 15 coasters

2. Flo answers

3. You say i have 15 coasters and complain he should have told you earlier?

Flo is good but he's not able to mind read :roll:

Also if you burn 15 coasters :!: before you ask for help its clearly not flo's fault is it? I mean some sort of common sense should apply to any situation.

Good luck with nero!

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