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A Remaining Problem

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Although I think I have figured out two of my three initial problems, one serious problem remains. After "successfully" burning a disk and discovering disappointing limitations/quirks of this program, My disks still are not formatted in such a way that I can play them in either of my DVD players. I have tried using both DVD-R and DVD-RW disks. HELP.

The BUG that I discovered is that when burning 1,235 photo files, it burned up to the first 100 fine, but then jumped to copy # 1001, 1002...,1009, and thenback to 101, then back to 1010, 1011..., 1020, then 102, then 1021, etc. See the pattern? So, I tried making two files, one up to 999 and the second file starting at 1000. But, when I burned an open DVD and attempted to add the second file after burning the first, the resulting DVD starts at 1000! I don't even know if the first file follows the second - that is not satisfactory. Evidently, I'm going to have to make two separate disks. GRRR.... BUT I STILL WANT TO BURN IN A FORMAT THAT MY DVD PLAYERS RECOGNIZE. There has to be a better way. HELP.

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