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[C] Naming the disc

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I am not really sure if this is a bug or what but is somewhat illogical.

Well, when you make new data disc, you can rename disc in lower left corner in any name you want. For example you can write like more then 10 characters and it will be fine. Also, when you write the name in lower left corner beside the "CD/DVD" icon, when you go to "Disc" - "Disc labels" menu it shows there in full glory of all characters that you did write for your data compilation.

BUT if you try to go to "Disc" - "Disc labels" menu and try to write the same numbers of characters that did just fine in lower left corner - it won't let you write it. It's illogical as that many characters show up just fine if you first write them in lower left corner beside that CD/DVD icon.

Thanks, hope this gets fixed soon.

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Great, I hope you will.

Maybe you should make a list with all potential bugfixes for new version? If you have one already then you can write this down too :)


Take care.

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