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Vista64 -- CDBurnerXP stopped working

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I downloaded the app and used it several times. I even made a donation I was so happy.

I went to use it this weekend and had some problems. I wasn't paying real close attention, but I think the app tried to update. When it did, my virus program (Kaspersky) detected a problem. I canceled the update process and went on with trying to burn my DVD.

It wouldn't burn. Kept failing. I uninstalled the app and tried to reinstall -- no luck.

Before I post all of the screenshots and error messages, I thought I would check to see if there have been any recent developments related to viruses that might explain the problem.

Again, I really liked the app because it worked. I hope there's a fix -- preferably an easy fix.



The version that Kaspersky flagged as having a virus was: CDBXP_SETUP_4.2.7.1875.exe

The last/original version that I installed that worked was CDBXP_SETUP_4.2.7.1849.exe

The most recent that I've tried to install was CDBXP_SETUP_4.2.7.1893.exe and it does not work.

I've reinstalled build and it still doesn't work. Somewhere along the way the app has modified a system setting. I am going to try going back to an earlier restore point to see if that helps.

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Update: I got it working again.

I had to restore to a restore point prior to the first failure.

When I started the application it tried to install build I canceled and continued. The next time I started the application, it tried to install build I canceled again.

And to recap,the good build is

So, now I'm worried any future updates. How do you disable the auto-update feature?

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