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Erasing RW media corrupts its Filesystem

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This happened to me twice now.. using different burners different OS and different media types of different brands...

So.. Erasing a RW media somehow corrupts the disks filesystem making all my systems hang while the media is on the drive..´

This is what happened..

I erased the CD and no error message appeared.. then i tried to burn it and got a message that the disk couldnt be written.

Now each time i put it in any of the drives of my 4 computers running either windows, ubuntu or openSUSE it slows my system and hangs any program trying to read the drive...

I cant erase it again cause CDburnerXP keeps hanging when the disks are on the drive..

The first time it happened with a Mitsai CD-RW using my laptop's burner while running on windows 7 ultimate x64..

The second time it happened with a Sony DVD-RW using my desktop burner while running on XP Professional x86..

Using CDburnerXP on both machines

Both the disks were trashed..

Is this a know issue?

Any ideas how to recover my disks?

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