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I'm noticing some weird behavior lately with the program. Weird because the behavior is different, and I can't remember anything changing. I updated to 1893 when it came out, but I'm fairly certain that this behavioral change occurred after that.

Anyway, here's what's going on. I use CDBXP to write MP3 files in a simple directory structure to CD-RW, which I then play in my car player. The filenames are mixed-case, between 4 and around 12 characters before the extension, and sometimes contain dashes. I've been using the default file system settings of ISO9660/UDF/Joliet , and ISO Level 2.

In the past few weeks, the player in my car displays the ISO Level 1 compatible mangling of these filenames - IE only the first 8 characters are retained, all dashes are converted to underscore, and all alphabetic characters are converted to upper case. This suggests that the CD player is choosing ISO when it was previously choosing another file system, and also indicates that, whether or not there's an ISO Level 2 file system on the disk, there is definitely a Level 1, because as far as I can tell ISO Level 1 is the only file system available in CDBXP with an 8.3 limitation.

Also note that on a PC, I get the full file name as I always have, so at least one of Joliet or UDF is present on the disk.

The one thing I have been doing differently is taking the intermediate step of creating an ISO image from my compilation before writing the compilation to disk. What I'm wondering is whether choosing ISO image, whether by design or as a bug, causes any of the file system settings to be altered or ignored. Can an ISO image file contain all the supported file systems? Is there any way to examine a disk or an ISO file to see what file systems it contains? Any info or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Well, I'm partially answering my own question. I found and downloaded a tool called ISO Buster that is letting me look at exactly what is on my CD. I've found just two file systems, ISO and UDF - no Joliet despite the settings I chose. This may be because you can't put a Joliet file system in an ISO file, I'm not sure.

Also, the ISO file system contains all the mangled file names I mentioned before. I think the case conversion and the conversion of dash to underscore occurs with any level of ISO, but the shortening of names to 8.3 is only a level 1 requirement, and since all my filenames were shortened, I assume this is a level 1 ISO file system (ISO Buster is not specific on that point, all it says is that it's ISO). Again, this may be a limitation of the ISO file format, I'm not sure.

Anyway, can you give me an indication of whether this is a bug or is correct behavior? Thanks.


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