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Guest eyal.arazi

Redundant windows open when inserting new media

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Guest eyal.arazi

Hi guys,

Below is an issue I've encountered when inserting new media and the application is already open:


Windows 7 Ultimate, 64 bit

HP Pavilion DV3-1075us (HL-DT-ST GS20N CDRW drive)

Bug description:

1. CDBurnerXP is configured as default application when inserting new empty media (i.e., when inserting new media, CDBurnerXP opens automatically).

2. After finishing a burning session, the media is ejected and the current CDBurnerXP windows remains open. When inserting a new empty disc, a new (additional) CDBurnerXP window opens up (in a separate process), instead of focusing to the already open instance.

Expected result:

When CDBurnerXP is the default application and is already running, inserting new media should resort to the already existing instance, instead of opening an additional, redundant process.


1. I've encountered this mainly when creating audio compilations. This is probably true also for other types of media, although I haven't tested the exact behavior in these cases.

2. An alternative solution would be to close the existing instance and use only the new one.


Eyal Arazi

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Well, CDBurnerXP is not a single instance application. I believe that it shouldn't be. So in your case, without adding this limitation, CDBurnerXP would need to behave differently depending on the situation. I'm not sure about that.

Will move it to the feature requests section, maybe if more users experience the same "problem", I'll think about a solution.

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