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[C] Minor Editing bug cosmetic

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If you add a list of files to an audio disc and then edit the title of the first audio track by clicking on it. Now instead of pressing return and finishing, the top menus are still available. You can for instance select top menu edit / clear compilation. You will notice your edited title is still selected in the bottom menu it hasnt cleared the edit. You can now infact drag and drop several selected audio files into the bottom window. The first file will have its title automatically open for editing called whatever you edited it to be last time but didnt press return on.

Okay its not a major, it doesnt stop the program functioning, however a small suggestion to stop access to the menus while edit is on. If the menus are selected it automatically closes the edit box.

Infact adding audio mp3`s files then simply highlighting the name of the first track, and clicking edit clear compilation leaves the track name behind. As i said its not major and purely a cosmetic leave behind / carry over.

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