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  1. Hi, I am hoping someone will be kind enough to help me. I downloaded CDBurner XP Pro 3 a few days ago and at first all went very well. In fact I was amazed at how well it burnt CD music and CD/DVD data files. It was fast, easy to use and problem free. But over the last three days I have run into major burn errors. Invariably the program will now commence burning and then after 6 to 8 tracks it gives the following Critical Error Message: "Error while writing Audio CD: Error on writing Disc. OK? The software is selecting the optimal burn speed, but I cannot see how to save a selected slower speed for the next burn. I stumbled on a screen that allowed me to slow the speed down, but when I went to burn again it went back to select optimal speed, which for me is 32X. I would appreciate any help or advice. My frisbee collection of now non usuable CD-R discs is growing . Thank you in anticipation. Khaliter"
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