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Hi there,

New to this forum so please go easy on me!

Have been using CDBurner XP (4.2.1)for quite some time and overall, it is great. However, recently I have started to burn DVD and virutally ever time, I encounter a 'glitch' at somewhere around the 50 - 60% mark.

Up to that point, the burn runs sweetly. When it 'freezes' the DVD is spinning, I hear the head moving but the write light does not flash. This can continue for about 5-10 minutes, during which time, the computer freezes. Cannot even open Task Manager to see what is happening. The next 2 - 3% progress will gradually appear and then I am over the 'glitch' and the burn continues at a normal pace. When this happens, the estimate time goes from about 3 mins to 35 mins and then returns to normal as the burn continues.

Last night, I installed the latest version, but the same thing happened with the addition that after about 8 minutes of the computer being frozen, I received a burn error message. So I have reverted to the older version.

I don't think there is a problem with the vob files on the hd as I can play the film from the hd without any problems.

I have wondered if the issue is with the burn speed which I would make slower but there is only one option, Maximum.

Would be grateful for some advice,

Many thanks,


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