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[C] m3u bug / feature / suggestion / drop box bug?

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Audio mode

If you use the drop box and drag a folder over and it contains a m3u file, Rather than add the files inside the folder once it reads the contents of the m3u file and adds the all the m3u`s files. It then copies the all the mp3 files in the folder as well again, so you now have in effect 2 copies of the same files in either your drop box or your compilation.


Please could you add an option to either read the m3u if its detected on a folder or file drop and give a mention look "its been used" not your mp3s as im adding the same files again. Or an option to ignore the "m3u" file if dropped / copied to the drop box / bottom compilation screen

i.e. this contains folder contains an "m3u" file do you wish me to use this or ignore this.

further more

dropping a folder with a m3u onto the drop box shows with an m3u file in a folder

tracks 44 copied mp3`s twice read the m3u file and also copied all the mp3 data files also

used 0,00 kb << no bytes of what?

estimated size 9.35 kb well if its data its thinking of the mp3s where 213 meg not 9.35k

remaining -4.67 kb compared to a limit left of what?

then time 159 mins the report makes no sense

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okay fewer words

if you copy a drag / drop a folder with a m3u file in it cdxp adds the files twice the contents of the folder and the contents of the m3u file. a double file listing.

enclosed pictures for you to see.

contents of m3 file used and contents of folder used

please do one or other of give the option to

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