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I still get error spam.

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What the hell is that? I still get this message, when trying to post something here: "Your message looks like SPAM, Please register if this is an error" It is not spam, it is question/doubt, and suggest. How post it? Always get the same error!

I posted it b4, so I edited my profil and e-mail address to gmail, tried to change a wording a bit, and still keeping same error!

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Sorry, but I can´t find other opportunity to post my theme on regular way. :oops:
CDBurnerXP does not see an external mechanics.
In my PC, I have only a CD-RW mechanics embedded [in position (D:)]. If I connect via USB 2.0 a DVD-RW external mechanics (namely TSST-CD-DVD SE-208AB), Windows recognise this external mechanics as (E:), BUT program CDBurnerXP recognises this external mechanics not at all. I must rename this 2 mechanics [in three steps, so (D to F), then (E to D) and finally (F to E) - it tooks a lot of time. After this procedure, I can use CDBurnerXP perfectly with all features. (So, this external burner is fully compatible with CDBurnerXP, undoubtedly.)
After disconnecting of USB mechanics, this renaming I previously made, disappears, naturally. So I must to rename the mechanics again and again.
Q : Is there any opportunity (which I don´t know) or may be CDBurnerXP rearranged in that way, that the user could select the CD/DVD writer by themself ?

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To admin : Your idea solved my problem in about an hour, thank you very much !
My procedure :
1) I became convinced that the PC does not have SPTD, so
2) I downloaded SPTD from : http://www.duplexsecure.com/home
3) Although they say it is not needed, I made a Restore point.
4) I executed "SPTDinst-v183-x86.exe".
5) Than, I made several times this cycle  :
(5a) I started CDBurnerXP and made sure that the CDBur... "sees" via USB connected external portable mechanics CD-RW/DVD-RW and can work with it.- More precisely, the CDBur... sees an installed CD-RW mechanics as well, but now, CDBurn... gives me a choice which one [of this two mechanics] to use.
(5b) I exit CDBur..., then disconnected the external mechanics.
(5c) I restarted PC, connected this external mechanics, started CDBur...  ==> all OK.
(5d) Back to (5b)...
I´am a intermediate advanced beginner only, but l'm pretty sure, that the the real cause wasn´t in the CDBur... , but in the need of a better method of access to storage devices.
Thanks for your hint once more, admin ! :!:

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