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marsel martin

burning audio cd's

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I just downloaded cdburnerxp pro and burned a few data disk - so far,so good. I also just burned a mp3 file as a audio cd (just one track). However I just tried to add another track to the same cd and got this message " disc is not writable by cdburnerxp pro! please insert a cd-r or cd-rw disc". Can someone explain why I can not add another track to this cd. BTW it is a cd-r disc.

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Guest Benedict

I am having the same issue. I am following the instructions here cdburnerxp.se/help/Miscellaneous/mixedmode Burn audio disc-at-once, Finalize UN-checked and then swapping to Data but the disc shows as full and un-writable.

Is this a bug or simply not doable as you just said?


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Same here..

I wanted to make a cd-r with audio and data

so I followed this


when I go to burn I don't get "Let me choose advanced settings"

but I do get a screen where I can

-uncheck finalize

- pick 2 second spaces or no spaces

(Nothing about DAO or TAO))

then it burns OK

when I go to burn it next as a data disc, it gives me the option "Let me choose advanced settings"

but it says I need a new blank disc to continue

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