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[R] Disc size error bug refuses to burn & fix

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Please find enclosed picture attached. Cdxp reports the disc size is too big, greater than 80 mins. It aborts soon as you select burn even though youve told it to remove the pause. Its showing the disc size with the 2 second gap already included in the estimated time. It fails when you try to burn. However ashampoo burning studio 10 burns same files, shows they occupy less space - time.

solution show included time with 2 second pause removed. Have it selected before the burn screen. Time drops.

difference betwwen ashampoos time and cdxp 28 seconds. Exactly the amount of tracks it has 14*2 seconds and it burns them.

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just tried it. fails with insufficent space on the disc at the burn stage , have remove 2 second gap ticked.

80 min blank cdr, just checked ashampoo and nero both work. version 2212 current installed.

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