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Detect duplicate files.

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I have an idea/feature request that might be a rather unique feature over all CD burning applications but SHOULD be rather simple to implement:

I just slipstreamed SP1 into my SQL Server 2008 DVD. Now the whole package has about 6.3 GB which is too much for a "simple" DVD. BUT: There are many duplicate files. It might be possible to bring the whole thing down to DVD size by storing all identical files just once.

I'm not a pro on CD/DVD filesystems, but I think it should be possible to store each file just once and point all directory entries to that single copy of its content.

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I'm hoping there's a way of doing this with CDBurnerXP too.

I'm using CDIMAGEGUI right now to do exactly this (lots of different WXP versions on one DVD) and it does it well.

However, I want to be able to pick and choose the versions on the fly and CDIMAGEGUI will just burn a whole tree as a DVD. That's a lot of copying each time I want to burn a new DVD.

CDBurnerXP allows me to write a compilation file, and that way I can pick and choose which files to write and where they should appear in the final DVD tree.

That's great and I can write the compilation file with a Ruby script driven by some text files. The only other feature I need is to "compress" the final DVD by writing multiple files once and pointing the required directory entries at the single copy.

The only way I can see to do this now is to use CDBurnerXP to write an intermediate (12GB!) ISO, mount it with Daemon tools and let CDIMAGEGUI work on that.

There has to be a better way :-)

I'm rather hoping that there's some way of actually doing this already, but there's nothing I can see that can do it.


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