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Command line: Create in ISO9660 format

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The current version seems to create media only in UDF format.

Please add an option to create ISO9660 conform CDs.

Then this application can be used in medical environments.

I am aware that there are some extensions to the ISO9660 Standard (e.g. Joliet) but required here is the default standard (e.g. Uppercase letter filenames, 8.3 format, ...

Note: One of the real IsO9660 conformance requirements is that in the ISO directory structure files and directories without extension must be followed by FILE.;1 where 1 is the version number.

All files with an extension already contain the . separator and are therefore coded as FILE.EXT;1

ISO9660 Standard: http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-119.htm

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