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First, I would like to confirm that the screenshots here are old: http://cdburnerxp.se/help/Audio/copyaudio

I have no "Copy Audio" and "Copy Data".

Second, please let me know what I am doing wrong. I want to copy an audio CD two times. So I decided to target the copy to the HD and then I would copy the data from the HD to the new CD-R's.

I choosed the file type as MDS and this process ended with no problem. When trying to copy to disc, it doesn't start. It stayed at 0% for more than 6 minutes, when I decided to open the drive. Also, the "cancel" button can't actually stop or abort it. So CdBurnerXP keeps running in a "blind" way, not even trying to close ".exe" using the task manager helps. I had to restart the pc to bring it back (but this was expected by me, I'm just giving the information).

I could do it not choosing to save the audio as a MDS file in the HD. The target was the cd/dvd drive itself, then the data went to a temp place and finally it asked me to place the CD-R to resume the process.

thanks in advance

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I have no idea, but in cases when programs aren't working correctly, it sometimes helps to reinstall the program, and / or get an update if one is available. Good luck!

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