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    [X] Error copying audio cd

    I had the same problem with v. and an Matsushita UJDA7 in an IBM T42 XP Pro SP3. I ruled out Avira and burn speed, restarted, updated my former older version. What worked was to switch off "pause between tracks". (There was still a peculiarity: I activated "simulate burning" . CDBXP uttered, that he can't simulate with this kind of medium. I pressed "then burn without sim" - he burned, but nothing was on the disk. But I leave it like that.)
  2. Some more facts: It is the track name that has to have the non-7-bit-character in order to generate the problem. Files created by Audacity make no problems. In their headers the track name follows the track number. Files created by Foobar 2000 and the flac frontend make trouble. Here the track name is positioned in front of the track number in the header. hth dominik
  3. Here are 2 flacs that generate track number errors. For file size reasons I load up only the first one or two editor screenpages. I have suspicion: all problematic files have non-7-bit-characters in their filename and trackname. Maybe this causes a hickup of the parsing routine. Good Luck dominik
  4. I'd like not to have leading zeroes in the track durations, i.e. 2:43 instead of 00:02:43. thanks for considering Dominik
  5. I have an album with 17 flac tracks. When i draw them into the burn list, the tracks 2,3,4,11,12 and 14 have got assigned track number "0". With foobar, mp3tag and EFCommander, the track numbers are correctly recognized. With mp3s i couldn't reproduce this erroneous behaviour.
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