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"File Filter..." to filter dragged to comp files!

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Guest Bolboa

I used "File Filter..." to set visible files to be only .ogg files. However, dropping folders to the compilation from the folder list or explorer panel ignore my filter. My folders have a long list of sub folders, and the .ogg files are mixed in among other types, so manually adding each ogg is out of the question.

Please, when file filter is set so we only SEE one type of file, only add those file types to the compilation during oiur drag and drop operations.

*Sorry, im not sure of this is a bug (I thought this is how file filter should work) or a feature request so I just posted it here.

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Guest Bolboa

I expected the filtered files to be all that appeared on the compilation along with the folders. After all, we do only see our filtered files (in my case .ogg audio files) and not the other audio types when I enter the folder in the explorer panel. So when I drag what I think is a folder of oggs, I get a folder of about 50 oggs and 300 mp3s that defy the filter.

It would be great to change this considering the only other burning program I use regularly (imgburn) has no such filter option - its a feature im sure others who use CDBurnerXP could make use of. And when it would be used, it would really be appreciated with the time it could save.

In a similar manner, someone might want to filter *.avi files, and drag a video folder (containing sub folders) to the compilation. Working as it would with the filter off, it would crawl through the folder hierarchy, maintaining folder names and the files in them, except only *.avis would be in those folders.

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Guest Hugo


I am using now and with setting filter *.exe.

What I need is creating an iso image from a tree and only selecting .exe files.

It is possible to include a whole tree and only take the .exe files.

It had been necessary to uncheck the box that says "Apply this filter to the intergrated file browser".

When I didn't uncheck the box, I got also an iso image, but many files were missing; didn't work for me.

Burning an iso image from a compiled set of files goes slowly .... :-(

Sofar so good, I can do the work that I need to do.

Kind Regards,


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Что значит "фильтровать файлы"?

Я добавил в запись папка D:\документы он весит 21ГБ, на диск 4,7 ГБ. Я ввел в строку фильтра

*.Формат AVI;*.с FLV;*.в MP4;*.мр2;*.файлы WMV;*.АЧС;*.В 3gp;*.Поддержка MPEG;*.Мова;*.В формате mp3;*.exe-файла;*.ИСО;*.ДГП;*.в формате WAV

Но объем не уменьшился 22236,8 МБ

Программа записи должна быть разделена на дисках.

1. Как использовать этот параметр?

2. символы "*;" в Латинской циферблат алфавита или кириллицы?

1 правка.png

Disc_ - Проект данных.png

недостаточно места.png

Фильтр файлов.png

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