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Device detection: Clarification in full length

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I keep being asked the same question again and again: What's up with the device detection?

I'll answer it once more, in full length and then no longer reply to any such questions, or if at all, with a link to this topic.

Update: By now version 4.5 beta is available, please try it if you have any device detection issues:

Let me split it into multiple smaller questions.

A. CDBurnerXP does not detect my drive! How to fix?

In most cases, following the instructions in the troubleshooting section will make your drive appear.

B. It still does not work! And actually, the drive is detected when burning audio discs but not when burning data discs. Why?

CDBurnerXP uses third party components to burn discs, I didn't write a single line of code which is related to drive detection or burning discs myself. These components are from NumediaSoft and RocketDivision (StarBurn). Numedia is for data burning and StarBurn for anything else.

The problem is that Numedia Soft a) has an outdated burning library with a faulty device detection (basically it fails if AHCI is used), B) does not provide support even though I paid them a shitload of money and thus c) will not offer updates anytime soon.

StarBurn is fine: It's quite stable, and it shows that in fact it is not necessary to install additional components like the Intel Matrix Storge Manager, which is currently required for the Numedia Soft components.

Conclusion: Though it is not my personal fault, CDBurnerXP is to blame for a bad device detection and not the users' setup, computer, drives, drivers or firmware.

C. Can't you switch to StarBurn then?

Not so quickly. StarBurn does not currently offer all features for data burning that are currently offered by CDBurnerXP, and in particular needs to fix a couple of serious bugs before we can make use if it. Additonally, it will require a huge amount of my time to do the conversion. I'm happy that I've done the audio part at least.

C.1: Can't you use the device detection from StarBurn and combine it with the burning functions of Numedia Soft?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: No, I can not.

D. So how will this issue be solved?

If the answer to A. does not help you, currently, there is no solution.

By now, I also no longer believe in Numedia Soft providing any updates, so I am working on a new version of CDBurnerXP that uses StarBurn exclusively. StarBurn still has some work to do fixing the most serious problems, so a usable version should be expected in the second half of 2012 and this version will also not have all features currently present in CDBurnerXP.

E. Can I do something to help?

Maybe visit Numedia Soft's headquarters and threaten them? No, seriously, you can't help (except you are a software developer at Numedia Soft). Even money won't get me any further (if so, I'd have a solution already).

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Guest ..

i selected the correct setup options.

i have tried the Nero option, it takes me to the nero website, what am i supposed to do there?

my ltp has an amd chip so i clicked your amd link and it takes me to their website but i can't see a link for RAID drivers. What are they anyway?

the hotfix doesn't apply because i run win7.

what am i supposed to do?

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