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Problem with bootable WinXP SP2 made by CDBurner XP

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I've recently moved to CDBurner XP ver. 4.3.6, from Nero 6. As I'm fond of free/open software, I like CDBurner XP.

The problem is that when I tried to make a bootable WinXP SP2 cd from the setup files on my hard disk with the boot image, I made from bbie.exe. I correctly configured the boot properties in CDBurner XP with the same setting I did previously in Nero (I'd obtained successful bootable WinXP SP2 cd/dvd from Nero previously) with no emulation, load segment 07C0, no. of loaded segment 4 and bootimagefile--xp.bin.

It successfully burnt on CD. But on booting my PC from the bootable CD thus created, it showed NTLDR Error. What is the problem with bootable WinXP Cd created by CDBurner XP? The bootable CD created from Nero using the same settings successfully booted my PC.

I'm glad if anyone help me. Thank you.

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I use nlite to make my slip streamed XP boot disks. And I use vlite for slip streamed Vista boot disks. When those programs create the iso, it already has the boot sectors in place and CDBurnerXP burns perfect copies. Those 2 tools are also great for stripping down the unnecessary crap from Windows, and for unattended deployments.

Note: You can always strip the boot sector out of a retail disk and apply it to CDBXP with those settings you list.

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Guest v77

Here is my options:

Emulation type: No emulation

ISO Level: Level 2 (31)

Load segment: 7C0

Sectors: 4

Platform: 80x86 PC

Disable ISO version number extension: checked

Enforce ISO Level 1: unchecked

But the most important : you must apply this settings BEFORE adding your files. Otherwise the result don't work.

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