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Translation time

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Hi again,

our translator for Turkish will have to join the military soon, I'd be happy if we could find someone who helps out for a while. Also, there are a couple of other outdated translations - if anyone wants to help with these, let me know.

Bulgarian bg-BG (last updated: 13 Mar 2009)

Estonian et-EE (last updated: 12 Nov 2009)

Greek el-GR (last updated: 02 Nov 2009)

Hebrew he-IL (last updated: 13 Dec 2009)

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I would like to help with the Bulgarian translation. You may send me an email at rumen at avramovi dot net or skype me at hadministratora.

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i would like to make a statement about my situation(and Turkish translation) in Turkish.


yaklaşık 1 yıldır Türkçe çeviriyi ben yapmaktayım ama Flo'nun da belirttiği gibi yakında askere gidiyorum. tahminen 6 ay boyunca çeviriyi güncelleyemeyeceğim. bu sebepten dolayı, en azından 6 ay için, birinin çevirileri güncellemeye devam etmesi gerekiyor. yazılımın sürekli gelişmesi ve değişmesinden dolayı, çevirinin de güncel tutulması gerekiyor. o yüzden yardımınıza ihtiyaç duyuyoruz.

yardım edebilecek herkese şimdiden teşekkürler.

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Guest Caine


if still need help about Turkish Translation i can help about it.

madclown hayirli teskereler şimdiden =)

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Guest Guest


If you need a Romanian translation, drop me an e-mail at sebastian dot tabarce at gmail dot com.



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Guest Yo !!

HI !!!

we can help with great pleasure for polish and french if needed anytime

email at shmarko _ db at hot mail . com ( without any space )

thanx from east poland !!

Vincent i Marta :)

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Guest Apoorv

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