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Guide for Copying a DVD Video

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I wrote a guide explaining how to copy a DVD Video with DVD Shrink and CDBurnerXP Pro.

It is available from: http://www.abacom.com/~oraby/CopyingDvdVideo/

The most interesting features of this guide are:

- List the needed hardware and software

- List many factors to consider when copying DVD Videos

- Details the whole copying cycle, from compressing the movie to burning it on a blank DVD disc.

- The copying cycle only relies on DVD Shrink and CDBurnerXP Pro, two free applications

- It is written in English

- It is access free and without any publicity

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Guest Toffi

the problem is, that cdburnerxp doesnt write a UDF filesystem. UDF is the must-have standard for dvd-video that should be compatible to standalone players. Older players WONT play dvd-video in iso/joliet filesystem. So cdburnerxp is not able to burn standard-conform dvd-video!

Only newer standalone player (and pc-drives of course) will play iso/joliet dvd-video made with cdburnerxp.

for more information visit

http://www.edv-tip.de/dvd/077_dvd_authoring6.htm (german) or http://www.burnworld.com/dvd/primer/filesystem.htm (english)

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Guest toffi

For copying dvd-video use dvd-shrink to make an iso and burn it automatically with dcd-decrypter. The two programs work perfectly together.

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Guest PapaDoc78

Where can I download the dcd-decrypter? I have tried searching for it but have been unable to find it. Is there another name for it? :?:

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Guest ACJoint

There diffrent burning programs that are free for instance, my favorite is burn for free

another great burning program that works excellent with dvd shrink you can download it

http://www.burn4free.com/ you can also burn data disc,audio and dvd but you need dvd shrink to create the iso file if not there is another site called doom9.net that has all

the answers you are looking for.


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Guest MrBefrazzled

Let me be the one to be frazzled , and let this lighten your load...

Any owners of the LG DR4810 and any other dvd player/recorder that goes by the specific DVD-Video standard be aware - do not use CDBurnerXP to create DVDs.

Ok CDBurnerXP is an excellent free app and creates DVD that will happily play in ya el cheapo east asian techniko, naiko, etc dvd players but it will not create the industry standard dvd that will play in any high end devices (in my case the recently purchased LG DR4810).

Hmm, I have got a ton of home made dvds now that won't play in my new dvd recorder and i'm a bit gutted to say the least - please, if the creators of this app made people aware that the dvds you make with it are not the defacto standard format i think alot of people just wouldn't use it - hehe time you got udf iso9660 option added to CDBurnerXP dudes!!!

Albeit, this is excellent free software that worked fine on alot of dvd players but be aware!

UDF 1.2 ISO 9660 (programs such as Nero Burning ROM) can create DVDs (namely DVD-Video) that are the DVD standard that should play in all players/recorders!

oh well after several coasters (that play ok in my naiko player) and several days of searching, i welcome you to take heed to my findings less you waste your time!

If you manage to get yourself a naiko happy play and record anything type recorder ;-) sweet no probs :) but be aware all your dvds wont work for sh*t on some other players / recorder :roll:

MrBefrazzled (whoa_yeah@hotmail.com)


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Guest sylvio2000

I only have a simple question. Is there a special reason for not integrating UDF support in CDBXPP ? I dont want to start a new discussion about this, I only wonder, because I think it is an important feature.

I am not a programmer, so maybe it is very difficult to integrate this. But I have nowhere read something about a reason for not integrating.

Pleeease, I just want to hear a short answer :)

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