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Guide for Copying a DVD Video

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Guest JohnJ

Any news here? I tried to burn a new DVD-Video with CDBurnerXP and followed your guide here. The final disc wasn't playable in standalone player and it showed "Bad Disc". I don't know if it is a wrong ISO/UDF filesystem or a "missing" booktype entry (DVD+R instead of DVD-ROM).

I also tried BurnAware Free (2.4 & 3b9), but got the same results. The only software, which is capable of creating a fully functional DVD-Video, is ImgBurn. You can even set the booktype depending on your drive and dvd (not in case of a dvd+rw...tried it, but booktype was still "dvd+rw"). But this software is very complex and has no intuitive user interface, so you have to follow several guides for creating a new & functional disc.

I'm a huge fan of CDBurnerXP. Its UI and capabilities are awesome and and I recommend it to all my friends. So I'm hoping for any updates that will fix this error, because creation of a DVD-Video is a must-have.


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Guest dikkysun
every time i get to the burn part CDburnerXP tells me i have no media in burner but i do????????????????

Are you using laptop CD-ROM,my Sony VGP-BPL9 came out the same problem,because I don't use it for a long time.

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Guest lanegs1

This link no longer works. if the guide is still accurate, could you update the link, please?


Lane in Charlotte, NC

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as I understand, you are trying to create a movie dvd, which should be very easy, if you can't play your movie dvd in dvd player, it's usually region error, there will be a code for your player to remove region error.ask it from your dealer where you purchased it enter it and you can play any region dvd by doing so.

but since this dvd is created by you, region code shouldn't be a problem

you may tried http://www.burn-avi-to-dvd.com, which I used and they are nice

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a DVD cannot be successfully created when you choose the Import the entire videotape and then burn to DVD option in Import Video, try to first import the video from your DV camera to your computer, and then import the cell phone spy software resulting video file or files into Windows DVD Maker to create your DVD as follows:

Open Windows DVD Maker by clicking Start, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows DVD Maker.

On the Share your memories on a DVD page, click Choose Photos and Videos.

On the Add pictures and video to the DVD page, click Options.

For DVD burner speed, click Slow, and then click OK.

On the Add pictures and video to the DVD page, click Add Items.

Locate and select the imported video file on your computer, and then click Add.

Continue through Windows DVD Maker to create your DVD.

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