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  1. Yes, I did "actually try it." I tried it on multiple computers... well, actually, my computer engineer son who happened to be visiting tried it on multiple computers when I couldn't get it to work. I don't remember the actually wording of the messages that we got after the program had been grinding away for several minutes because it was a couple of weeks ago when we tried it. Essentially, it said it couldn't read the files (the DVD played fine in our computers and in our DVD player, however). So we tried a different CD burning program. Lo and behold, that program couldn't read the files either. Neither my son nor I knew how the original copied disc was made, but since it was already a copy, he said it wasn't likely there was any copy protection on it. I gave the disc back to my teacher friend and apologized for not being able to make her a backup copy of a disc she uses often. She doesn't have a drive that burns CDs/DVDs, which is why I offered to try to make her a copy.
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, but it does not work. The disc I am trying to copy is already a copy with no copy protection. Not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?
  3. Have patience with me, please. I have looked through a lot of the forum topics, but I am so "green" at this kind of thing that reading has made me even more confused. I have a disc of videos that I just want to make a copy of. The files have .BUP, .IFO, AND .VOB extensions. Some of my questions are these (may have more later): 1) Do I need to copy these files to my desktop first and then burn them to a new DVD? 2) I am confused by what I've read about .ISO files vs .VOB files. Do I convert my .VOB files to .ISO files before burning to a new DVD, and if so, what about the .BUP and .IFO files? 3) Isn't there just a simple Copy command to copy video files from one location to another like you do text or data files? Thank you SO MUCH for any help you can give this old lady!
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