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Data Exceeds the size of the Media???

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Used the program with great success for several weeks on an Asus Pundit computer running XP.

Now for some reason I am unable to make a standard Audio disc using MP3 files.

As soon as I put one entry into the list of titles to be burnt it tells me the disc is full. Message is "Data exceeds the size of the Media" and this is one MP3 on a blank CD!

I have tried several brands of CD including the ones I previously used.

I downloaded the latest version of the program but it still won't work.

The new version also records these Mp3s to make a perfect Audio disc.

I recently downloaded a program which searches my computer for programs that have a newer version of software available.

Could it be that it has installed a newer version of my ROM Drive ( 6 years old).

Latest version of CD Burner XP works perfectly on my 3 year old HP laptop ( never tried an earlier version).

Any ideas?

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I take a brand new sealed disc from a branded pack I use regularly and put it in the drive.

When it is recognised the very bottom line says:


0 Tracks 00.00.00 Playtime

Remaining Size 01.19.58 (4797.92MB)

Black line above says 0MIN: 0 SEC

I then put one track in and the Black Line says:

#1 2 Min 58 Secs

I then put another track in and it says:

#2 5 Min 29 Secs

I then put another track in and it says:

#3 8 Min 13 Secs

I then tell it to burn.

Disc Required Box Says:




08.12 Free 00.00 (in red)


Burning Error Occurred. An error occurred while burning the disc. Most likely the disc not useable.

Usually these errors happen if the inserted media is not compatible to the drive or of poor quality.

I have tried another brand of disc (Maxell) but the results are the same.

After the discs fail I can then take the disc out and it performs perfectly in my laptop using this program.

I am beginning to think my drive in my Desktop machine is faulty.

Thank you for your interest.

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Hm, did you select the right burning device? Maybe you've got two of them.

Nope! Definitely only have the one CD/DVD Burner.

Thanks again.

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