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CDBXP Refuses to Write Directory

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(I posted this in General Discussions without result). Trying here now ...

Trying to burn in multi-session. Having just completed two previous multi-session runs successfully.

o New blank Memorex DVD+R

o Make one subdirectory on the DVD by copying+pasting a subdir from the HDD and renaming it

o Renamed the DVD to something other than 'Disc'

o Burn the compilation leaving the disc open

o Writes the disc (apparently)

o Take a CMD Dir of new DVD, nothing on the disc but the volume name, no subdir

o Try to look at disc in File Commander, "Directory is corrupt/unreadable"

o Do it all again on the same disc

o Continue disc "Session could not be imported. Invalid UDF tag"

o Carry on regardless, but again nothing is written. Discard the disc as unusable just like in my Nero days!!

o What the hell is wrong? I seem to remember this happened once before, but I was able to write the directory at the second attempt.

This is on the XP SP-2 machine.




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Q: I erased my disc, but the contents are still there?

A: Because of some agressive caching methods, it may be required to eject and re-insert the disc before you can see that the disc is actually empty. Also check details on caching issues by Microsoft.

Can't really say anything more about this unless you relate this problem to a particular situation.

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