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Can't read discs after burning

Guest tx_swordgeek

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Guest tx_swordgeek

I've been arching a bunch of data from my pc to DVD and some CD's. When I burned some of the disks, I didn't label the disks immediately. Now when I try to read the disks, my PC can't see anything on them. This is the same PC the disks were burned on.

I'm running Windows 7 32-bit. My DVD burner is an LG Super-Multi DVD burner GSA-H42N. I used CDBurnerXP. I don't know if I finalized the sessions or not. I'm using Generic CD-R and DVD-R disks.

I've burned numerous disks with this drive on this pc, even more recently than some of the trouble disks, including sometimes finalizing and going back to finish them, and sometimes finalizing on the initial burn. I've used these disks and had no other issues until recently.

Windows finds no files on the disk at all. If I load the disk and open CDBXP, it finds over 2GB of data on the disk. If I do Disc Info, it says that the disc has 2.21GB of free space, the Type is DVD-R, the FS is UDF (not sure why, it's set to default to ISO-9660), Is not bootable, the disk is open, with no protection. It shows finding a session and track, though the track only shows 644.22MB of data. If I try to import the session, it says the disc is not writable and won't complete the import.

Is the issue that it got burned with UDF? Or is it something else? I've been using CDBXP for years and love it, this is the first time I've had an issue about it, but I'm really not happy about losing data!

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the FS is UDF (not sure why, it's set to default to ISO-9660)

hi, go to control panel, programs and features, turn windows features on or off, and untick DVD Maker in Media features.

also turn off use auto play for all devices while in control panel.

reboot! should fix it.

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In any case, you can recover "lost" data using tools like ISOBuster.

Regarding your problem: Can you show a screenshot of the session import failure? Actually, such an error message should not appear when doing it.

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Guest gcristof

Same thing happens to me with version If I copy a CD and finalize it, it's fine. When I create a data CD and leave the session open to add more files, the CD cannot be read by Windows (I tried this on two different PC's). So I opened CDBurnerXP again, and it could see the contents on the disk OK. So I clicked the Burn button again (even though I had not added any new files) and had it go ahead and finalize the CD. Now Windows can read the CD fine.

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