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editing CD Text info

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Guest bxdanny

There seems to be a limit of 31 characters per track for CD Text data. If the song title (from the filename or file metadata) is longer than that, looking at the CD Text info under the "Disc" menu shows the full name, but when the disc is burned it is truncated to 31 characters. If you try to edit the data in the Cd Text window, it allows you to enter 32 characters, and beeps if you try to make it accept more, even a one-character change from the original data. It will accept 32 characters, though, even though the actual limit when burning is apparently 31. My understanding is that there is no intrinsic limit in the CD Text storage format for per-track data, only an overall limit per disc which is quite large and unlikely to be reached. Couldn't the program allow track titles longer than 31 or 32 characters, as long as the overall limit is not exceeded?

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I've just run into this problem too -- it's not an intrinsic limitation of CD Text, because CDs burned with Nero can have CD Text titles longer than 31 characters. I don't suppose the library you use has been fixed since this issue was first raised?

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Guest cd-text

Can you please allow for longer cd-text titles?? PLEASE!!! I just started using this software, and it looks to have everything I need, except for the ability to have longer cd-text titles.. Roxio allows cd-text titles to be at least 111 characters long, I've tested on my car stereo.. 31 characters is not nearly enough for most of my tracks.. Please improve this feature! Thank you

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